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Tue, 14 May 96 10:27:29 EDT

In message <v01540b02adbd54fa595b@[]> Bill Dozier writes:
> > But until then, the question is still going to be
> > somewhat vague.
> >
> > However, I think this is the way God wants it to be.
> >
> You are in fine company with that opinion:
> "If God had wished to overcome the obstinacy of the most hardened, he could
> have done so by revealing himself to them so plainly that they could not
> doubt the truth of his essence, as he will appear on the last day with such
> thunder and lightning and such convulsions of nature that the dead will
> rise up and the blindest will see him.
> This is not the way he wished to appear when he came in mildness because so
> many had shown themselves unworthy of his clemency that he wished to
> deprive them of the good they did not desire. It was therefore not right
> that he should appear in a manner manifestly divine and abolutely capable
> of convincing everyone, but neither was it right that his coming should be
> so hidden that he could not be recognized by those who sincerely sought
> him. He wished to make himself perfectly recognizable to them.
> Thus wishing to appear openly to those who seek him with all their heart
> and hidden from those who shun him with all their heart, he has qualified
> our knowledge of him by giving signs which can be seen by those who seek
> him and not by those who do not. There is enought light for those who
> desire only to see, and enough darkness for those of a contrary
> disposition."
> Blaise Pascal
> Bill Dozier
> Scatterer at Large
Thanks for this, Bill! I should go back and read the Pensees.

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