RE: Talking apes

Sweitzer, Dennis (
Mon, 13 May 96 13:21:00 EST

At 10:30 AM 5/8/96 Dennis Swietzer wrote:
>Compared to a slug, Bobo the chimp and I are like brothers. Compared to
>Dick Fisher, Bobo & I are vastly different (at least, according to
>people who like me).

Dick Fischer responded>>>>>>
Gee, thanks, I think.

I'd like to clarify my comments. But I forget exactly what I had in mind at
that point. I think it was that comparisons imply a measuring scale, a
point of reference. The difference between Bobo & I, and a slug is
huge--making me look like Bobo (and visa versa). The difference between
Dick & I is small, compared to Bobo.

Or is it? That too depends on what you're looking at. If you look at, say
Rh factor. Bobo (the Rhesus monkey) and I maybe close, and Dick different.

Anyway, I meant no offense using (or abusing) Dick in this context. I've
learned a lot from his discussion. And I am convinced that he is not a
typing ape as well. (however, if he wer, it wod most likly sho up in his
spellin, and I may kip chekin that jus to be shur)

Grace & peace,