Re: Physics of a Mesopotamian Flood

Glenn Morton (
Sun, 12 May 1996 21:44:38

Juli wrote:

> I thought someone cited "complete geologic columns" in several
>areas in diverse parts of the world in a recent posting. Doesn't that
>"qualify" as an adequate "effect"? Does this evidence have to be
>"everywhere" to convince geologists of a global flood? Not challenging
>you, just wondering out loud...

I was the one who posted that about the entire geologic column. The young
earth creationists say that the geologic column does not exist anywhere on
earth except in the minds of geologists. They are wrong. But the pile of
rocks has worm burrows, footprints, roots, in layer after layer. This
means that time was required for the deposition of each layer, much more
time than would be allowed in a worldwide flood of one year duration. It
takes time to dig a burrow. It takes time and very shallow water to leave
your footprints in a mud. It takes time for layer after layer of roots to
grow in place as we find often in the column. Buried river channels are
found and would not be expected if a year-long, global flood deposited
all the sediments.

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