Re: Physics of a Mesopotamian Flood

Glenn Morton (
Sun, 12 May 1996 21:35:13

Hi Bill,

You wrote:

> I also have to admit that the idea of God making man by
>resurrecting the miscarriage of an ape repels me. I much prefer Roy
>Clouser's revelation approach, albeit it explicialy allows for a
> continuing presence of non_Adamites.

Can you describe Clouser's revelation approach? Thanks. However...

Never one to let a criticism go by :-) I would ask which is more

1. Being evolved from an ape with no Adam and Eve and the possibility that
there was no Fall and thus no redemption?

2. Having a God who goes out of his way to create the appearance of a
relationship to the ape (the pseudogenes I spoke of a couple of days ago)
when in fact we are not related to the ape? This, of course, raises the
possibility that God can not be trusted!

3. What I have suggested?

Foundation,Fall and Flood