Re: Physics of a Mesopotamian Flood

Bill Hamilton (
Sun, 12 May 1996 06:07:12 -0400

At 10:07 AM 5/11/96, Glenn Morton wrote:
>Since such a local flood view would allow other humans to survive the
>flood, the possibility exists that some of them were on the walls of the
>wadi above the 15 cubit elevation contour. I can see them now watching
>Noah in his ark, built in a creek bed, being hit time and time again by
>flash floods. They are all laughing about the idiot down there in the
>wadi who built his house in a creek bed and who won't come out to safety.
>Noah, the idiot in the wadi, thinks the whole world is coming to an end
>when in fact it is only HIS world which is in danger of being destroyed.
>The observers think Noah is trying to commit suicide.

Nah, they would have been washed off the hillsides. I'm not saying this
was not a cataclysm -- only trying to explain the 15 cubit claim.

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