Re: Physics of a Mesopotamian Flood

Dick Fischer (
Sat, 11 May 1996 11:41:53 -0500

At 09:20 PM 5/10/96, Glenn wrote:

>Your suggestion will explain how Noah could have stayed on the ark for a
>year and not have been flushed out into the Persian Gulf. But it will not
>explain how the ark was lifted and landed in or near Turkey were Dick
>seems to want it to land.
>The worst issue is not how much time the ark was grounded The worst
>issue is how to lift the ark 2500 feet by means of water which flows
>downhill I am not assuming that it was deep enough to lift the ark
>1500-8500 feet. Dick is. He wants the ark to start out near sea-level
>and land in Turkey elevation 3000+. This requires the ark to be pushed
>uphill. I don't care if the ark was grounded 90% of the time. Water
>flows downhill always and everytime. So if the ark was grounded 99% of
>the time, each flash flood which raised it up would drag it further
>DOWNHILL. I admit to being frustrated here.

Glenn, I admit I never gave the landing site much consideration
because there is so much disagreement. Landing sites in Turkey, Syria
and Saudi Arabia have all been suggested, and they could all be wrong.
The only place mentioned in ancient history where the voyage began is
Shuruppak where Ziusudra (the Sumerian Noah) was king. His father was
named "Suruppak" after the city. This naming technique is seen in the
Bible as well where Abraham's brother was named Haran and Abraham left
Ur for Haran (Gen. 11:26,31).

I do place some credence on the start point, with which you also
disagree, but not on the landing site.

Where your methodology runs into trouble is that your location for
the flood has no historical backing. It's just a place you selected
where a geological event transpired. I can't think of any
paleoanthropologist who would agree with the notion that Homo
erectus knew anything about brass and iron working, or how to make
"lyres" and "harps." I can't think of any theologian who believes
that the patriarchs were other than Homo sapiens. It is primarily
your time frame that runs afoul both science and theology. Noah at
5.5 million years ago is a stretch of unthinkable proportions.

Ever your friend,

Dick Fischer
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