RE: Nuclear Power

Sweitzer, Dennis (
Fri, 10 May 96 11:28:00 EST

I wrote
>> One last comment. I really like nuclear fusion power, but one thing has
struck me. It could well be that when it is finally developed in 50 yrs or
so, it won't be able to compete with renewable energy sources. I find that
very ironic.

Bill commented
>So do I. However, if fusion reactors could be portable they could perhaps
be used in transportation? What do Pons & Fleischman think? ;{>

Maybe "oops". Whatever they discovered, it is an interesting phenomena.
But probably not nuclear fusion. (obviously, it was nuclear confusion)

Several years ago, I did read in the pop science press about near-nuclear
reactions in which nucleuses undergo a reaction when they have a near
collision. It was presented as a clean, and cheap form of nuclear power
(Deja vu??), if it worked, and if someone would develop it. I think the
nucleons were lithium and maybe boron. Also, the reactors could be small,
say locomotive size (Deja vu, again??).

I concluded that it seemed like one of those apparently hair brained ideas
that ultimately change the world, which is generally indistinguishable from
ultimately hair brained ideas that apparently could change the world.

Has anyone else heard of this concept, and can offer an informed opinion?
Or maybe an intelligent opinion? (I've already offered the ignorent

Grace & peace,

Dennis Sweitzer