Re: Physics of a Mesopotamian Flood

Glenn Morton (
Thu, 09 May 1996 21:22:43

Hi Dick,

You wrote:

>Glenn, I doubt it is humanly possible nor would it be necessary to
>climb hills by punting up the slopes. Let's presume that the water
>floated the ark and that lateral (not vertical) direction was provided
>by wind and probably punting poles.

Is your water flowing uphill? I have never seen that before. Did God
perform this miracle?

As my drawing this morning showed, you can't "presume that the water
floated the ark and that lateral (not vertical) direction was provided
by wind and probably punting poles." To have the ark float to the
elevation you want it to float to, you have to have a large bowl to
contain the water, or you have to have a world wide flood. Your scenario
has half a bowl. The Mesopotamian valley + the Turkish highlands. There
is no equivalent elevation to the south. Is there a 3000 foot wall of
pure water to the south?

3000 ft...\ elevation <-Ark
...........\----------water level------------
............\ |vertical
.............\ |wall of
..............\ |water
...............\ |
................\ |
..................\ |
.....................\ |
........................- - --------20 ft elevation.
......|<-------1000 km-------->|Shuruppak


Water only has a flat surface when it is in a basin! And if it doesn't
have a flat surface, it is flowing DOWNHILL towards the Persian Gulf. Your
model has nothing to hold the water on the south.

Dick asked:
>Now, dear sir, please explain how your Mediterranean sea flood will
>alleviate all those problems. As I understand it Noah (the
>Australopithicine) started at sea level after the Mediterranean basin
>filled with water.

. Mediterranean Basin east
<pre> west preflood mountain
Atlantic water spilling in
-------- --------------- sealevel
-------- ---------------
-------- ---------------
-------- ---------------
-------- ---------------
-------- /|\ ---------------
-------- | ---------------
-------- Ark ---------------
----------------------------------------------------------(-5000 m elev.)

As the water spills into the empty basin and fills it, the floating ark
will simply be lifted. The rising water does the work. Noah and co. just
have to enjoy the ride. At the end of the year, Noah and co. land on the
preflood mountain. The end.

Genesis 6:13 says:
"And God said to Noah," I am going to put an end to all people for the
earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to
destroy both them and the LAND" NIV

The word "land" is "eretz" which can be translated as "land", "earth" (as
in planet) or "country". Since God did not destroy the planet earth it
means that He destroyed the land or country. In my scenario the land is
totally destroyed. It is no longer land!

>That's 500 feet lower than Shuruppak. How did
>he get that boat anywhere into hilly or mountainous terrain. Moving
>the location and time frame doesn't resolve any of the questions you

In my scenario, see drawing above, Noah lands on a mountain that is nearly
15,000 feet high. At least to the pre-flood Noah. I don't have to get him
to land at Shuruppak or any higher than where I do. I have already landed
him higher topographically from his starting point than you do.


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