Re: talking apes

Bill Hamilton (
Thu, 9 May 1996 15:52:23 -0400

I wrote:
>>Perhaps the elect/nonelect
>>divide is the Adamite/nonAdamite divide -- although saying that makes me
>>very uncomfortable, since it could be a basis for some Christian
>>Identity-like movement that claimed to be able to discern who was and was
>>not Adamite.
Dick Fischer wrote

>I couldn't let this pass without comment. Adam was brought into the
>world to bring to the world the knowledge of God. As the first type
>of Christ, he must have had a similar mission. He had no offspring
>until after the Fall. If the indigenous populations were not capable
>of being saved, why bring them any messenger at all?
Agreed and speculation withdrawn. As a Calvinist I would quibble a bit
about whether every person is capable of being saved (but I would also
point out that everything Calvinism teaches about predestination would be
satisfied if a single person in all history were predestined for
perdition), but there is no question that God's people are called to be
missionaries, and are called to preach the gospel to all creation and let
God determine the results.

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