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Dick Fischer (
Thu, 09 May 1996 13:42:19 -0500

At 04:24 PM 5/6/96 -0400, Bill Hamilton wrote:
>Perhaps the elect/nonelect
>divide is the Adamite/nonAdamite divide -- although saying that makes me
>very uncomfortable, since it could be a basis for some Christian
>Identity-like movement that claimed to be able to discern who was and was
>not Adamite.

I couldn't let this pass without comment. Adam was brought into the
world to bring to the world the knowledge of God. As the first type
of Christ, he must have had a similar mission. He had no offspring
until after the Fall. If the indigenous populations were not capable
of being saved, why bring them any messenger at all?

Those with Adamic blood coursing in their veins today are very few.
Jews, Arabs, Armenians, Greeks, and maybe a few others. Probably 98%
or more of the world's population today have no roots to Adam. If
Adam's purpose was the same as Christ's, and I believe it was, then
those around him had to be worthy of God's provision. Christ charged
his followers (you and me) with bringing the gospel "to every creature."
To me, that leaves no doubt that every person is capable of being saved.


Dick Fischer
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