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Dick Fischer (
Wed, 08 May 1996 22:47:19 -0500

At 06:14 PM 5/5/96, Glenn wrote:
>The Physics of a Mesopotamian Flood.

>There are two ways for the ark to be lifted the requisite elevation.
>First, the water can do it. Boats in locks are raised in this fashion.
>But in order for this to work, the Mesopotamian region must have been
>covered by (610 M (2000 feet of water.). In this case the entire
>Mesopotamian civilization would be destroyed. This did not happen.
>The second way is for the humans to perform the work. Dick seems to
>prefer this. He writes:
>During that period of floating, the ark was given direction by wind,
>or punting poles, or both.
>Is this physically reasonable?
Glenn, I doubt it is humanly possible nor would it be necessary to
climb hills by punting up the slopes. Let's presume that the water
floated the ark and that lateral (not vertical) direction was provided
by wind and probably punting poles.

Now, dear sir, please explain how your Mediterranean sea flood will
alleviate all those problems. As I understand it Noah (the
Australopithicine) started at sea level after the Mediterranean basin
filled with water. That's 500 feet lower than Shuruppak. How did
he get that boat anywhere into hilly or mountainous terrain. Moving
the location and time frame doesn't resolve any of the questions you

Your friend,

Dick Fischer
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