Jesus spoke Greek

John W. Burgeson (
08 May 96 20:48:23 EDT

Jack Collins writes: "Burgy's posting of 5/4/96, "Jesus spoke Greek fluently",
has a list of arguments
for Jesus' ability to speak Greek. I do not have time before the end of this
semester to address them seriatim; I'll just have to point out that, from the
point of view of a philologist (that's me), they don't work, and are
exegetically misleading."

Great heavens, Jack! I think you took my list way too seriously! A humble market
researcher by trade, a physicist until I wised up, I'll have to look up a couple
words in the above before I can figure out what you mean!

Thanks, BTW, for the journal references. (I THINK you agree with my conclusion,
but not my arguments). I've debated this subject a few times over on Compuserve
with folks that really really believe the Greek texts we have MUST be
translations from the Aramaic.

None of my 40 or so arguments, BTW, were meant to be particularly convincing;
they just appear (to me) to be consistent with the thesis and I've not found any
arguments that oppose it. But then, it's not my field of expertise. Appreciate
your comments.