Re: talking apes

Bill Hamilton (
Mon, 6 May 1996 16:24:51 -0400

Gene Godbold wrote:
>This introduces an idea with which I am not sure Mr. Fischer would agree.
>He seems to be making a distinction between humans of the Adamic line and
>others and he says that the Genesis flood was a judgement by God on the
>Adamic line (I hope he will correct me if I am misrepresenting his
>position.) But this raises a question in my mind that was pursued,
>briefly, earlier by Paul Arveson and Bill Hamilton if I remember arightly.
> And this question concerns the theological position of the non-Adamic,
>presumably human, races? Were they capable of sin? Presumably they were
>capable of language? Are there any left that haven't interbred with
>Adamic members?
I discussed this briefly, but primarily I was seeking comments. It seems
to me you can interpret Scripture to come to the conclusion that there were
humans not of the Adamic line both before and following the flood. But
it's such a touchy, controversial area, I didn't feel very comfortable
bringing it up.

In one sense it's like the conundrum some people see in Calvinism: who are
the elect, and if someone is not elect, should we witness to him? To that
conundrum my answer is that God told us to witness to all people and that
His word would not come back void. So we witness to people, with a sense
of urgency, because why should an elect person wait one second longer than
necessary to respond to God's effectual calling? God does not give us
empty commands, and so I can only assume that He utilizes our witnessing in
the process of effectually calling the elect. Perhaps the elect/nonelect
divide is the Adamite/nonAdamite divide -- although saying that makes me
very uncomfortable, since it could be a basis for some Christian
Identity-like movement that claimed to be able to discern who was and was
not Adamite.

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