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At 10:23 PM 5/3/96,Glenn wrote:

>By isolating Adam the theological creature from Adam the biological
>creature, IMO we make the Scripture irrelevant to reality. If I have no
>evidence for this separate event, how can I know it happened?>

Glenn, you ask excellent questions. All of which are answered in
the book. And I don't say that to "hype the book." But it has over
380 pages. I am trying to give you the best data, but by doing it
piecemeal you're missing much of the corroborating evidence, which
is just going to leave you skeptical.

There is historical evidence that Adam of Genesis was a real person
who lived in Southern Mesopotamia about 7,000 years ago. There are
two pyramids in Egypt that were inscribed about 2400 BC. That would
be roughly 1,000 years before Moses who we presume wrote the first
five books of the Bible. These inscriptions speak of a primeval
creation "out of the waters of chaos" The one who was created was
named "Atum." Following is a list of those whom Atum begot. One
of the names is "Seth" Adam's third son.

There are about half a dozen of these references that I have found.
There may be more.

Turning to the Bible, there is also evidence that Adam entered a
populated world. In Gen. 6:4, The Nephilim "were of old." Cain
kills his brother and laments that "whosoever finds me will kill
me." Who was he worried about? Then he takes a wife - from where?
There is no scriptural support for his taking a sister for wife.

The city Cain built, Enoch, is mirrored in Sumerian as E-Anna(k).
It is still a mound in the desert adjacent to the biblical Erech,
the Sumerian Uruk, and is called "Eanna" to this very day.

After the flood the Semite band encounters "Emims," "Zamzummims,"
and "Anakim" that cannot be identified as any of Noah's kin. And
the Anakim are descendants of the pre-flood Nephilim. (See Num.
13:33.) Joshua mentions "remnant of the giants," "giants," or
"valley of the giants" in five verses (Josh. 12:4; 13:12; 15:8;
17:15; 18:16).

In short, there is evidence of Adam, Noah, (and maybe Enoch the
seventh pre-flood patriarch), the flood, the tower of Babel, and
every city named in Genesis 1-11 reflected in Sumerian, Accadian,
Assyrian, and Babylonian accounts. There is sufficient evidence
that you could almost piece together about 30% of the Genesis
narrative from parallel accounts alone - if you knew where to

Ever your friend,

Dick Fischer

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