Re: Genesis Flood

Glenn Morton (
Sat, 04 May 1996 06:53:34

I let something go by that I should have challenged more directly

Dick wrote:

>I'm speechless. I think the Australopithicines were too since they are
>classified as apes, and apes don't talk. If you can't see any flaws
>a theory that calls for talking apes then I think we've reached an

Australopithecus is NOT classified as ape. It is classified in the family
Hominidae, the same as you. It is the suborder Hominoidea which includes
apes, australopithecus and homo. Thus you are classified with the apes in
the suborder. And I guess this makes you a talking ape. :-)

I would like to point out that if evolution is true, which I believe it
is, then you and I as primates, are talking apes. I firmly believe that
God intervened at one point with mankind or australopithecus. But since I
have no problem with you and I talking, then I have no problem with an ape
Foundation,Fall and Flood