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Thu, 2 May 96 14:34:48 EDT

In message <> "Sweitzer, Dennis" writes:

> I found Hitchhiker's Guide to be hilarious. And thought provoking. It
> raises the question of "will technology work as promised and be wonderful,
> or will it work as promised and be annoying?". (And it even touches on the
> question of the origens of the earth.........)

Thanks, Dennis. I'll get the book.

But is everybody else out there so cynical about technology?

This week's Science reports that researchers at scores of laboratories have
finally succeeded in sequencing the entire 12 million basepairs in the genome of
brewer's yeast, Saccharomyces cereviceae.

I'll drink to that.

While Christians are sitting around saying such and such a theory is
impossible, such and such a field of research makes mistakes, such and such a
technology is depressing or annoying, others go ahead and fix the mistakes,
solve the problems and create a new level of solutions to the world's problems.

I'm one who continues to believe in the mission of science as proposed by
Francis Bacon in 1620: Natural philosophy is "for the glory of God, and the
relief of man's estate."

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