Re: Genesis Flood

Samuel D. Olsen (
Thu, 2 May 1996 18:05:22 +0200

Hi Dick,

You wrote:
Here is where you and I really do have a difference of opinion. We are
supposed to be soul winners for Christ. If we present parts of the gospel
in an incredible manner, we lose those who might otherwise believe and
become Christians. The overall effects of young-earth creationism has
been to turn off those whose education or knowledge is such that they
quickly realize what numbsculls those particular Christians must be who
could be gullible enough to believe that stuff. This then gives them a
reason to reject the entire message of salvation because it all looks to
be part of the same package. The goal of ASA is to find harmony not to
create disharmony between science and our Christian faith.

With some background in geology, I can affirm that Glenn=B4s view helps me
find harmony between the science of geology and the Biblical account. One
of my geologist friends had left the faith for several years partly because
of the inability to reconcile geological and Biblical accounts. This friend
is now strong in faith and active as a Christian and confidant as he
discusses such issues with his geology work colleagues.

I have enjoyd reading all the arguments, questions etc and am very
impressed with the amount of study you as a theologian have done on this
subject. Thankyou too for the fine Christian spirit you and Glenn are
displaying during this very interesting discussion.


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