Re: Genesis Flood

John W. Burgeson (73531.1501@CompuServe.COM)
30 Apr 96 13:59:59 EDT

Dick Fischer writes: "Here is where you and I really do have a difference of
opinion. We are
supposed to be soul winners for Christ. If we present parts of the gospel
in an incredible manner, we lose those who might otherwise believe and
become Christians."

PMFJI, Dick. I doubt that you & Glenn have an opinion difference at all --
whatever is
"the truth" is what we have to look for. I seriously doubt that you (or anyone
would subscribe to arguments which, though false, would "win people for Christ."

But there may be a difference of opinion on your second sentence; certainly
there is between you & me! I do not think I am called to be a "soul winner." I
not really sure the "soul" exists, anyway, thoughthat is another subject! (I do
expect, as a Christian, to be around debating things with you all many many
after I shuffle off this mortal coil!

But, I will argue, the commission was "to be witnesses... ." Not "go and be
That's the work of the Holy Spirit, not us! And a good witness just tells what
he/she knows,
nothing beyond that, leaving nothing out that is relevant. Usually in response
to direct questions.