Psuedogenes, adaptive mutations

Braxton M. ALFRED (
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 13:42:36 +0000

I am sure these subjects have been dealt with, so I would be grateful
if someone would give me the reference.

On the remote chance that they have not:

Max (1986) identified major amounts of (mostly) identical 'non-sense' DNA
(psuedogenes) common to both chimpanzees and humans. This gets around
the argument that the similarities are due to convergence and seems to be a
knockdown argument for common ancestry.

Adaptive mutations were discovered by Cairns et ales (1988?, sorry I don't
have the reference handy). He was able to demonstrate a feedback between a
cell and its environment such that the cell the 'chose' the mutation
necessary for adaptation.

Max, EE. 1986. Plagiarized errors and molecular genetics: Another
argument in the evolution-creation controversy. Creation/Evolution