Re: Genesis Flood

Glenn Morton (
Mon, 29 Apr 1996 18:39:13

Burgy wrote:

>Glenn writes: >> The Bible describes 40 days of rain day and night. >>
>Argument: The "40 days" may not be literal. Jesus was in the
>desert "40 days and 40 nights," see early Matthew.
>10 is the Hebrew "indeterminate number" and 4 is the "earth number."
>Thus the phrase "40 days & nights" may well be just an idiom for
>"a fairly long time." Like the British use "fortnight," which means
> literally
>"two weeks" to mean "more than a few days but probably less than a
> month."
>Or, "it rained 40 days & nights" = "it rained for many days."

You are correct. I should have chosen a better example for what I was
trying to convey.

By the way, you sent your message to the wrong list serve. I will send
my reply to the correct list and they can see your excellent point.



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