Digest available

Terry M. Gray (grayt@calvin.edu)
Thu, 25 Apr 1996 23:48:31 +0100

For those of you with emailbox clutter that you find annoying, a digest
version of the asa list is now available. Messages from the previous 24
hours will be sent out at 7:30 am each day. To subscribe send email to
majordomo@calvin.edu with "subscribe asa-digest" (no quotes) in the body of
the message. I assume that you will want to unsubscribe from the regular
service if you choose to get the digest, so in the next line of the same
message you can write "unsubscribe asa" (no quotes). The unsubscribe will
only work if you are sending the email from the same address that you
subscribed from in the first place. Otherwise I get the message and I have
to unsubscribe you manually.

So your message will look like this (cut and paste it in to a new message
to majordomo@calvin.edu if you want to get it exactly right)

subscribe asa-digest
unsubscribe asa

Just a couple of comments for those of you who might choose to do this:

1) Continue to send messages to asa@calvin.edu. DO NOT send messages to
the asa-digest address.

2) In a digest several messages come combined in one email message. This
makes it a bit more difficult to respond to a particular message. If you
are a lurker this doesn't matter; if you are a regular participant, you may
want to stick with the regular version.

3) Remember that the discussion is immediately archived on the web at
http://www.calvin.edu/archive/asa/ so you don't have to be on the list at
all to read messages and participate.

Terry G.

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