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Sat, 20 Apr 1996 21:14:10

Hi Dick,

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>Subject: Re: Science and Faith
>At 07:34 PM 4/19/96, you wrote:
>>But one observation I have made of Christian
>>apologists is that in general they don't want to be
>>very specific and risk verification or refutation. In
>>fact we run from verification and prediction like
>>chickens in a barnyard run from a hungry dog. The YEC's
>>say that all the data of science is wrong because the
>>scientists have a big bias and are not to be trusted.
>>Thus they don't have to face the facts.
>>Ramm who is somewhat of a centrist goes out of his way
>>to point out that it is unlikely that evidence for his
>> flood will be found. Verification is avoided.
>Glenn, let me just add that in fairness to Ramm much of
>the information that poured out of the Near Eastern
> archeological digs came after 1954 when his book was
>published. One of the classics is James Pritcherd's
>_Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old
>Testament_. It came out in 1955. I found
>this one book invaluable, and it was the primary source
>I used for evidence of a local flood in the Mesopotamian
>Also, the water-laid clay layers at the excavated city
>sites found only those elements that could be expected
>from the waters of the Euphrates. No remains of any salt
>water creatures were present which indicates none of the
>floods in that region involved sea water.
>This is no criticism of Ramm. But there are physical
>limits as to how much research you can do, finding what >>
>available, and determining what is relevant.
>One other aside. The word "mist" in the phrase, "But
>here went up a mist from the earth to water the whole
>face of the ground" Gen. 2:6), in the Septuagint text is
>also the word "fountain."
>So Glenn's statement that Ramm "will always be right"
>was, well, wrong.

Dick, I hate to be picky but you place in quotations the
words "will always be right". I never said that in the
post you quoted. Can you point that place out to me? What
I said was that Ramm went "out of his way
to point out that it is unlikely that evidence for his
flood will be found. Verification is avoided."

This is quite a different statement with an entirely
different meaning from the one you have mistakenly
attributed to me. If you are going to place something in
quotations, please make sure that it IS a quotation.

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