Digest - great idea.

Gary Thorburn (thorburn@xyplex.com)
Fri, 19 Apr 96 15:00:32 EDT

>We have lost several subscribers **recently do to the flood** of
>messages. I am looking into getting the list in digest form for anyone
>interested in fewer mail messages.

So, Terry, is this evidence for a recent flood ?! ... sorry.

In all seriousness, I would greatly appreciate a digest format, it would
at least keep the flood ...er... localized.

As a lurker (and ASA member), I must at least report I can think of no
other reflector I subscibe to with such high quality dialog, regardless of
its frequency. Still, I'd like to hear from a wider group of people,
not just from the academics and researchers but from us engineers as well.

* Gary W. Thorburn
* email address: gthorburn@xyplex.com