Re: 1995 Annual Report

Terry M. Gray (
Fri, 19 Apr 1996 12:46:27 -0400


>Just rec'd the annual report.
>A couple questions:
>3. How many are subscribed to this reflector?
>4. Are there others subscribed to this reflector?

As of today there are 166 subscribers. No way of telling how many are
members or not. To get the list of subscribers send email to with the "who asa" (no quotes) in the body of the
message. We have lost several subscribers recently do to the flood of
messages. I am looking into getting the list in digest form for anyone
interested in fewer mail messages.

>5. What has been the activity on this reflector?

May 25, 1995 to February 13, 1996 --- 278 messages
Feb 9 to Feb 28, 1996 --- 108 messages
March 1996 --- 359 messages
April 1 to April 19, 1996 --- 258 messages

I hope to present a demo/poster at the ASA meeting giving website and
listserv statistics.

Some website statistics are given at (these are for my desktop
Mac which is functioning as a webserver; the main ASA page is on our campus
webserver, but the on-line PSCF articles are on my Mac.)


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