Looking for new ASA members

John W. Burgeson (73531.1501@compuserve.com)
19 Apr 96 10:39:32 EDT

Fact: The ASA needs additional members
Fact: The ASA is "top-heavy" with academics

This is my suggestion to address the situation:

In every issue, from now on, of the ASA newsletter,
include an insert, suitable for posting,
advertising the ASA's existence and inviting
people to write for their free copy of PERSPECTIVES
and membership information.

Each of us can post this notice on one of our church
(or other institution's) bulletin boards. Every two months
it will change; this keeps it fresh.

If our church creates a web page, we can add the ASA
home page as a hot link.

At First Presbyterian, Austin, both these actions have been taken.
The insert from the last newsletter was used.
Hope to get some mention of ASA in one of our monthly newsletters
in due time.