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Paul Arveson (
Thu, 18 Apr 96 08:40:16 EDT

In message <> David and Glennis Cashmore
> "It is perhaps salutary for us thus to end on an inconclusive note, =
> which in certain respects illustrates the attitude of faith. For faith =
> does not have all the answers straight away. Nor does it claim that =
> contemporary science gives it complete support. If certain factors in =
> today's scientific picture appear contrary to the Word of God, faith is =
> not shaken. It has such confidence in that Word that it can be quite =
> open about its hesitations and wait patiently for the clouds to clear."
> Last paragraph in Appendix to "In the Beginning", Henri Blocher, IVP, =
> 1984.
> In Him
> David
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Nice to "hear" from you, in New Zealand!

And I'm gratified that Blocher's book has found its way there. A missionary
friend of mine in France testifies that he is probably the most respected
evangelical teacher there, and has a growing following. I especially like the
Appendix of the book, where he goes carefully through many of the scientific
ideas. It's refreshing when you find someone who is willing to gaze closely and
honestly at nature, through the eyes of faith.

Among scholars, to suspend judgment is a respectable way to deal with what
is assumed to be temporary uncertainty. On many questions, we all have to do

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