Truth About the Truth

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Wed, 17 Apr 96 16:33:46 EDT

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lynn mullins writes:
> All I have to say to this is Amen and Amen!
> Bill, thank you so much for posting this!
> Jeff

Recently I bought the new book, "The Truth About the Truth", an anthology of
articles by various "post-modern thinkers". I supposed that any self-respecting
ASA person should consider a book on this subject to be important reading.

It contained a worthwhile article by Huston Smith, but the rest of the book
contains attacks on traditional definitions of truth by the deconstructionists
as well as some very unoriginal, warmed-over liberal relativism by the likes of
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., who was writing the same stuff in the early 60's --
hardly post-modern.

I was going to write a book review on this for the ASA, but it isn't worth my
time. The pretentious title and the general attitude that these writers have is
so full of arrogance that I couldn't get through it.

As you ASAers know, one cannot gain any respect or hearing by the mere
dissmisal of ideas. Maybe some of you philosophers out there could have a field
day with it. Clearly these guys want to seize the future, set the agenda, and
define the direction for education. They will do it, unless careful and
respectful arguments are offered in response. Any takers?

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