RE: Fischer vs. Morton

Glenn Morton (
Tue, 16 Apr 1996 18:58:22

Dennis Sweitzer wrote First quoting Terry Gray then I am
not sure who:

>>>I'd love to see a good fight between Glenn Morton and
>>> Dick Fischer on the "recent" local flood idea.
>>Besides, you guys at Calvin have the flood expert in
>> Davis A. Young. His book, _The Biblical Flood_ is
>>devoted entirely to this issue, and he comes
>>down on a local, recent flood, limited in scope just as
> I do. Somebody
>Let's keep track of the acronyms: There's
>OEC vs. YEC.
>TE vs. PC vs. ....
>and now,
>YLF vs. OLF vs. RUF
>YLF is Young Local Flood, promoted by Young, of course.
>OLF is promoted by "the idiot who suggested that stupid
> idea of a
>Mediterranean Flood", and stands for the Old Local
> Flood. (would Glenn
>prefer to be known as "the OLF who suggested ...."?)

OLF, rhymes with oaf. Yeah that will do. :-) But of
course the idiot part may be the ultimate conclusion.

>RUF is Recent Universal Flood (just included for
> completeness).

Do dogs particularly like this view? you know RUF,RUFF?

>Have I missed anything (or anyone)?

Foundation,Fall and Flood