RE: Names - NAS & ASA?

Sweitzer, Dennis (
Wed, 17 Apr 96 09:50:00 EST

Joe writes:
> I've shared my vision for ASA with the mailing list before, so I won't
> repeat it here. Something did come in the mail today that may be of
> interest though, as I think it is also applicable to ASA's name.

I too have a "gripe" with the ASA name (and it's not that it gets confused
with the American Statistical Association or the American Sunbathing

It's a pretty bland, non-descriptive name which gives little clue as to what
we are about. On the other hand, our Northern counterpart, the Canadian
Scientific and Christian Association, does have a name that sort of sums up
it's mission. ICR (Institute for Creation Research) is a very well defined
name, and it seems to stick in the mind better than ASA or CSCA. IBRI
(Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute) is also good, and, prehaps
better yet, it is pronouncable.

The ASA name, as it is now, doesn't leap out as a Christian organization to
Christians--who are likely to mentally file it as a 'Science Thing' in the
mental circular file)-- and Scientists (and engineers) (who are likely to
mentally file it as one of a myrid generic science organizations in the
mental circular file).

Having failed to come up with any serious alternatives, I submit the
following, to either initiate brainstorming or entertain the list (well, at
least entertain myself).

ASCII -- American Scientific and Christian International Institute (not to
be confused with the other ASCII, but hey, it would be free publicity!).
Reflects our desire to communicate clearly with a common protocol.

NASCAR -- North American Scientific and Christian Affiliated Researchers (a
stretch, but again, free publicity). This would reflect our high power
thinking skills, racing ahead of the pack.

EASE -- Evangelical Association of Scientists and Engineers. This should
help everyone relax...

CASE -- Christian Affiliation of Scientists and Engineers

CAST -- Christian Alliance in Science and Technology [if we don't want to
explicity acknowledge that we have engineers in our midst ;-) ]

OUTCAST -- Old Universe Theology Christian Alliance in Science and
Technology. [Maybe more descriptive than any of us will admit]

EOEEA -- Evangelical Old Earth Egghead Affiliation (because I couldn't
figure out how to get EIEIO).

EIEIO -- Evangelical Institute for Evolutionary Innovation in Observation
(the best I could do with EIEIO)

Any other suggestions? (serious or otherwise?)

Grace & peace,

Dennis Sweitzer