RE: Fischer vs. Morton

Sweitzer, Dennis (
Tue, 16 Apr 96 12:15:00 EST

>>I'd love to see a good fight between Glenn Morton and Dick Fischer on the
>>"recent" local flood idea.

>Besides, you guys at Calvin have the flood expert in Davis A. Young. His
>book, _The Biblical Flood_ is devoted entirely to this issue, and he comes
>down on a local, recent flood, limited in scope just as I do. Somebody

Let's keep track of the acronyms: There's

OEC vs. YEC.
TE vs. PC vs. ....

and now,

YLF vs. OLF vs. RUF

YLF is Young Local Flood, promoted by Young, of course.

OLF is promoted by "the idiot who suggested that stupid idea of a
Mediterranean Flood", and stands for the Old Local Flood. (would Glenn
prefer to be known as "the OLF who suggested ...."?)

RUF is Recent Universal Flood (just included for completeness).

Have I missed anything (or anyone)?

Dennis Sweitzer