Fischer vs. Morton

Dick Fischer (
Tue, 16 Apr 1996 09:36:18 -0500

>I'd love to see a good fight between Glenn Morton and Dick Fischer on the
>"recent" local flood idea.

I would be happy to participate in an open discussion with inputs from
everyone who has something to contribute or who has a pashion for the truth.
A one-on-one debate smacks of Christian versus Christian, which may be
entertaining, but not edifying. At any rate, a "good fight" sounds like
another oxymoron.

Besides, you guys at Calvin have the flood expert in Davis A. Young. His
book, _The Biblical Flood_ is devoted entirely to this issue, and he comes
down on a local, recent flood, limited in scope just as I do. Somebody
should bring him into the discussion, then I too can relax and be
educated by someone older, wiser and taller than I.

So sure, I would be willing to play a part. Kick it around for a couple
of days, see what Glenn would like, invite all your friends, bring it to
the attention of other relevant lists, and we'll have some fun. I'll put
up a posting on Thursday or Friday if you like.

Dick Fischer

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