Fischer vs. Morton

Terry M. Gray (
Mon, 15 Apr 1996 22:36:16 -0400

I'd love to see a good fight between Glenn Morton and Dick Fischer on the
"recent" local flood idea. Dick seems to support. Glenn seems to reject
it. They both ground their positions on historical and geological data.
Based on my previous posts, I'm clearly predisposed to Dick's view, but I
don't have the expertise to intelligently defend it.

May I suggest as an MO that we pretend for a minute that we're writing an
exchange for a magazine that will be edited. In other words, let's not
have the quippy little responses that quote alternately from previous
messages, but let's have some coherently written paragraphs. [This is a
half-spirited complaint about the form of some of our discussion, which
after several exchanges becomes extremely tedious and difficult to read
unless you are one of the debaters.]


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