Re: Ramm's flood

Glenn Morton (
Mon, 15 Apr 1996 19:33:17

Paul wrote:

>In message <> "Sweitzer,
> Dennis" writes:
>> Glenn wrote:
>> >>>>>> If I am
>> wrong, I will forever be known as the idiot who
> suggested
>> that stupid idea of a Mediterranean Flood! So be it.
>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>Glenn said this, really?
>I've seen movies on TV years ago that described floods of
> the Mediterranean.
>It may not be stupid, but what's new about this idea?

Yeah, I say a lot of dumb things. :-)

What I meant was not that I suggested that the
Mediterranean was once dry. Kenneth Hsu and William B. F.
Ryan have that honor. I had never seen anyone suggest that
the Biblical Flood was there. Maybe someone beat me to it
(Ecclesiastes says there is nothing new under the sun), but
there do appear to be a fair number who don't find the
suggestion likeable.

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