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Dick Fischer (
Mon, 15 Apr 1996 19:20:44 -0500

>> I seem to remember C.S. Lewis being open to the possibility of life on
>> other planets but insisting that if they were creatures capable of sin,
>> and actually did sin, and (apparently unlike the angels) were capable of
>> redemption, then their redemption would be on the basis of the
>> incarnation of the Son on planet Earth. Unfortunately, my cursory survey
>> of Lewis's books I have at hand did not locate that reference... maybe
>> someone else knows it (hope I'm not mistaken).
>I think the essay was titled something like "Religion and Rocketry". It
>may be in _The World's Last Night_ collection, but I can't be sure since
>people keep borrowing my Lewis books and don't return them. I think
>Lewis offered both possibilities, that other fallen races would be
>dependent on the Incarnation on Earth, _and_ that other means of
>redemption might have been provided on other planets.

Let's think this through. Does life on other planets mean intelligent
life? Okay, that's a possibility. Now does intelligent life necessarily
mean redeemable life? That's a stretch. Could they be redeemed by
Christ's sacrifice here on earth? Hardly, how would they get the "good
news," from intercepting our radio and tv transmissions perhaps?

If redeemable life exists on other planets, my guess is that God has a way
for them to obtain His grace, by whatever means would be suitable for them.
Christ told his disciples to preach the gospel to all the creatures of
the earth, not all in the universe. I think our responsibility rests here.


Dick Fischer

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