Re: Incarnation

Paul Arveson (
Mon, 15 Apr 96 15:03:14 EDT

In message <> Russ Maatman writes:
> To the ASA group:
> I saw the McLaughlin program on Easter Day concerning the possibility
> of life on other planets. Two astrophysicists were in the studio; Paul
> Davies was quoted; and Dr. Ted Peters, a theologian at the Institute
> of Religion and Science at Berkeley, was on line via phone.
> For me, the most sensational remark on the program followed the quotation
> from Davies that if life were discovered on another planet, it would
> be bad news for Christianity. Theologian Peters corrected him, saying
> that he misunderstood Christian doctrine: Christ's act of redemption
> was for the entire universe (he seemed to mean "creation"). I think
> he was not universalistic, and that he was teaching on PBS, of all places,
> one of the central tenets of Reformed Christian theology. Wow!
> Russ

Are you saying that a unique act of redemption on earth would not be repeated on
other planets; that somehow our planet is unique because the incarnation on
earth is unique? Or what?

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