RE: Ramm's flood

Fred Phelps (
13 Apr 96 16:20:00 -0700

Someone wrote:

I think we agree. If my memory serves me right, flood stories have
found all over the world, including among American Indians, and in
Papua New
Guinea. Can any missionaries help us out on this?

My reply:

As a YEC I heard this argument over and over that there are flood
stories from all over the world. One day many years later I actually
looked up the reference (a book about Folklore in the OT by I think
Fraser from early in the 20 th century, which is decidedly
unevangelical in its view of scripture). As I recall, he convinced me
that only a few of the flood stories are related to the Biblical one
and the rest are very independant and no surprise to secular
anthropologists. Flood stories are noticably absent from societies
where flooding is extremely rare (no great surprise) and flood stories
from regions geographically distant from the middle east are entirely
explainable in local terms. Thus this YEC argument for a worldwide
flood is entirely garbage.

It is such experiences repeated a hundred times over which caused me to
turn from YEC.

Fred Phelps, a missionary with no flood legends to report today, but
I'll ask around!