New (old) on-line articles

Terry M. Gray (
Sat, 13 Apr 1996 15:15:16 -0400

Two new articles have been added to the on-line papers from Perspectives on
Science and Christian Faith. The index for on-line articles is at


The new articles are both by Richard H. Bube from the March and September
1989 issues of PSCF.

Richard H. Bube, "So, You Want to Be a Science Professor!" The Education
Business: Things My Mother Never Told Me
Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, 41:143-151 (1989)


Richard H. Bube, A Crisis of Conscience for Christians in Science
Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, 41:11-19 (1989)


These are not necessarily for discussion, but of course, they may be
discussed. Perhaps a discussion of them is in order, as it will
demonstrate that the ASA is not simply interested in origins issues. Jack
Haas is intending to have another new article from the June issue posted.
It will not be on the origins question. We'll see if it generates as much


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