Re: Dick Fisher's Book
Sat, 13 Apr 1996 05:27:45 -0400

Fred Phelps asked:

Dick Fisher was at the ASA annual conference last summer but he
disappeared and we were told he had been taken to the Hospital. Is he
ok and did his book ever get published?

Dick Fischer is alive and well. His book is published. Title: THE ORIGINS
SOLUTION. Publisher: Fairway Press, 517 South Main Street, P.O. Box 4503,
Lima, OH 45802-4503. His book takes on many of the problems discussed in
this listserve--the place of Adam in history, Cain, original sin, the flood,
Noah and his family, the Tower of Babel. Very empirically oriented with
regard to history and science. At the same time honors the authority and
historicity of scripture. All should read the book.

His e-mail address is

I'll try to get him on this listserve.

Bob DeHaan