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David Cashmore wrote:

>"It is perhaps salutary for us thus to end on an
> inconclusive note, which in certain respects
> illustrates the attitude of faith. For faith does not
> have all the answers straight away. Nor does it claim
> that contemporary science gives it complete support.=20
> If certain factors in today's scientific picture appear
> contrary to the Word of God, faith is not shaken. It
> has such confidence in that Word that it can be quite
> open about its hesitations and wait patiently for the
> clouds to clear."
>Last paragraph in Appendix to "In the Beginning", Henri
> Blocher, IVP, 1984.

I might point out that the clouds won't clear=20
(apologetically speaking) until and unless someone actually=20
develops a viewpoint which explains both science and the=20
Bible. This is not going to happen by means of one single=20
scientific discovery which convinces everyone that the=20
Bible is correct. Thus in my mind waiting patiently for=20
the clouds to clear is like waiting at home for someone to=20
come offer you a job. It is our responsibility to leave=20
home and go look for a job, just as it is our=20
responsibility to look for answers.

Foundation,Fall and Flood

I think Blocher is writing from the point of view of someone who is not =
able to clear the clouds as much as you are. We do not have all the =
answers resolving science and the bible and I am willing to accept that =
we never will. I appreciate people who "clear the clouds" (I appreciate =
your posts and one day I will read your book) but am not in a position =
where I can be as actively involved as others. Faith is certainty about =
what we do not see. Currently I do not see science and the bible =
matching up, but I know whom I have believed.

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