Alice Fulton (
Thu, 11 Apr 1996 20:13:41 -0500

Lewis's books dealing with different intelligent forms and their redemption
are his novels "Out of the Silent Planet," and "Perelandra". The first
dealt with Martian forms that were not identically human, because
pre-Incarnation, and the second with a new creation on Venus which, being
post-Incarnation, were in human form (I believe they also had innate
knowledge of Christ, but were capable of being tempted.)

Another *very* interesting treatment of this idea are the books by
Cordwainer Smith, called "Norstrilia" and "the Instrumentality of Man".
These books (fiction) deal in a very deep way with many spiritual aspects
of technology, and specifically address the incarnational question through
his animal-people; domestic animals that have been given human
characteristics through engineering. One question that underlies his books
is when (if ever) does such an animal-person acquire the "imago dei"?