Jeff Webster (
Thu, 11 Apr 96 13:54:05 CST

Did anyone see John McLaughlin's One on One program about the possiblilty of
life on other planets? He spoke with two astrophysicists (Sorry, I forgot their
names) and a theologian named Ted Peters, all of whom concurred that there is
most likely life elsewhere. The problem McLaughlin was attempting to raise was
the uniqueness of the incarnation: why would God visit this planet, incarnate in
Jesus Christ, when we inhabit such a small planet circling around an ordinary
star in an ordinary galaxy, etc., when there simply "must" be sentient life
elsewhere. Actually the two astrophysicists were certain that there was life
elsewhere, while Peters was ambivalent to the possibility, claiming that it had
no bearing upon the essential fact of the incarnation. Any thoughts on this?

Jeff Webster
Dallas Theological Seminary