Re: Abraham

Glenn Morton (
Thu, 11 Apr 1996 04:16:26

Paul Arveson wrote:

>Jeff I apologize for the name-calling, which was not
>directed toward anyone
>in particular, but generally to the attitude I sometimes
> see here, of people who
>want to base all belief on sight, all scripture on
> historical evidence, all
>faith upon reason. I don't think that approach is
> biblical. It is inherited
>from the deism of Locke, perhaps.

I am obviously a positivist of some sort. I would not take
offense at that label even if it had been directed at me.
The positivists of the 1930s were some very smart dudes! I
would be delighted if someone would include me in their
company. :-)

But I would disagree that it is deism, whether of Locke or
Descartes. The apostle Thomas most definitely wanted
evidence of the resurrection. He was my kinda fellow, and
I doubt that he was unbiblical in that approach.

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