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Sweitzer, Dennis (
Tue, 09 Apr 96 17:20:00 EST

Paul wrote,

>>>>> The recent discussions on historicity, dualism and so forth, mostly
to revolve around the nature of truth. I haven't had time to study all the
details of the discussions, but I'm trying to sort all this out. I propose
an equation:

T = M + O + U


truth = meaning + objectivity + unity.

But may have meant something else. Popular culture tend to use '+' as
'and', but standard computer conventions let FALSE=0, and TRUE=1 (or >1).
Consequently, M+O+U implies that as long as one of M, or O, or U is true,
then T is true.


T= M * O * U

So that T>0 only if M, O, and U are not equal 0. So the '+' operation
corresponds to (inclusive) 'logical or', and the '*' operation corresponds
to logical 'and'.

It may be better to use the logical symbols: '&' ('and') and '|' ('or') to
be succint

So is the equation:
T= M | O | U
(truth is Meaning OR Objectivity OR Unity)

or is it:
T = M & O & U
(Truth is Meaning AND Objectivity AND Unity)

This mathematical metaphor can be carried further, to better match everyday
reasoning. In the framework of fuzzy logic, truth values range from 0 to 1.
The 'AND' is frequently taken to be the minima of the operands. Then,

T = M & O & U = MIN(M, O, U)

implies the overall value of T is exactly the value as the weakest component
of M, O, U.

Similarly, 'OR' is frequently taken to be the maxima of the operands. Then,

T = M | O | U = MAX( M, O, U)

implies that the overal value of T is exactly the value of the strongest
component of M, O, U.

We can always define more complex operations that behave like neither OR or
AND, and which correspond closer to the way we make everyday decisions on
partial information. Such as:

T = Average( M, O, U)

So if a proposition has Meaning and Unity (say, with values of 1), but is
weak on Objectivity (say, with a value of 0.5), then T = (1+1+0.5)/3= 0.867.
Narrow folks can insist on 'AND' (T= 1 & 1 & 0.5= 0.5),
and Broad folks can use on 'OR' (T = 1 | 1 | 0.5 = 1).

If nothing else, I have convinced myself that I don't know what Paul meant,
although I thought I knew when I first read his message.

Grace & peace .....Grace | Peace???? ...... MAX (Grace, Peace)???? .....

Dennis Sweitzer