Re: Why I am not an Atheist

Fred Phelps (
09 Apr 96 11:05:00 -0700

The Scatterer is rumored to have typed:
If I must choose between compartmentalized truth and atheism, then I
the latter. However, this is not the alternative that faces us. I think
that all of us (at least all that I have seen writing here) believe
God, as the author of both books (nature and Bible), does not
himself and that a true understanding of both revelations will be a
consistent and true one. Don't make the mistake of thinking that since
people disagree one how that exactly works out that one or both of them
don't accept the premise.

I reply:
As a (former and mediocre) mathematician I know the difference
between existence and uniqueness of solutions. For example, I have no
doubt that there WAS an author of the Epistle to Hebrews, but I cannot
identify him. As it happened so long ago we cannot decide between
several possible candidates, most of whom we do not even know by name.
The problem with Genesis 6-11 is that I hear very few solutions. If
there were dozens of competing solutions agruing details among
themselves I would feel confident that there is a solution, but we
could not decide which one as of yet.

For me, and thousands of others, the problem is real and cannot be
defined away.