Re: Sorting out
Tue, 09 Apr 1996 14:55:40 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Paul Arveson wrote:

> The recent discussions on historicity, dualism and so forth, mostly seem to
> revolve around the nature of truth. I haven't had time to study all the details
> of the discussions, but I'm trying to sort all this out. I propose an equation:
> T = M + O + U
> or
> truth = meaning + objectivity + unity.
I'm not sure that a summation is the right format here; it
implies that a concept with high objectivity and unity values might rank
relatively high on the truth scale, even if it had no meaning, and so on.
Seems to me that set theory offers a more promising approach. We might
conceive of a set labeled "Truth" which has as members "metaphorical truth",
"historical truth", "scientific truth", etc. Each kind of "truth" could
then be valid in its own sphere of reference, but we could still insist
that we were interested primarily in those truths that occupy the union
of, say metaphorical truth and historical truth, or whatever.
Just an idea...
George Fisher