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>Hi Bill,
>>Bill Hamilton wrote:
>>However, look at the difference in the amount of detail
>>provided between Noah and Abraham. We don't even know
>>Noah's wife's name. I think the great difference in
> the
>>level of detail tells us something. These are not
>>quite the same kinds of account. I'm not claiming the
>>flood account is poetry, but it's 4our chapters that
> tell
>>us just about everything we know
>>about Noah, with even less detail about other family
>>members. Contrast that with the chapters devoted to
>>Abraham and his family.
>To me, detail is not issue. The issue is was there a
> Noah
>regardless of who he married. And is Genesis 6-9 poetry.
>The level of detail given in Judges about Ehud, is quite
>skimpy yet we don't question his reality or the events in
>his life. Melchizedek is even more lacking in details.
>Quantity (details) can not be likened to quality
Foundation,Fall and Flood