Re: Questions from a Lurker

Glenn Morton (
Mon, 08 Apr 1996 21:50:42

Dennis Sweitzer writes:

>Thanks for bringing it together so well Glenn. However,
> 5.5 MYr ago does
>seem like quite a stretch.

Thank you for the kind words. I am glad someone else had
thought of the Mediterranean as a possiblity. But I agree
that 5.5 Myr is quite a stretch. I would give anything not
to have to go to that time. But I can't. I am determined
that I either explain the flood within the data at hand or
fail in the attempt. Tentative acceptance or rejection of a
scenario should be based more upon whether or not it
violates data, not on its appeal (or lack there of). I
make predictions which can be verified or refuted with this
view. If the view comes up short in its predictions over a
period of years, then it should be rejected! period.

I specifically got the DSDP drilling records and the Joides
drilling records from the Mediterranean basin. I examined
them looking for evidence of a more recent desciccation
event. I searched the literature looking for buried incised
canyons after the Miocene. There is no evidence anywhere
in the Mediterranean basin for a more recent possibility.
Thus, IF you want to use the Mediterranean for the flood,
you must use it at a time of 5.5 MYR ago. And since
radioactive dating works, no one can claim that the dating
is wrong.

Foundation,Fall and Flood