Kline in PSCF

Robert L. Miller (102733.3377@compuserve.com)
08 Apr 96 23:51:27 EDT

I wrote:

>How long did Adam live? Genesis 2:17 promises death only
>if they eat from the tree of life. Could it have been
>several million years before Eve came on the scene? Was
>the garden of Eden an island of tranquility that isolated
>Adam from the turmoil of evolution going on in the outside

And Glenn replied:

>Nothing like having private e-mail replied to on a list
>where no one knows what we are talking about. So I will
>fill those on the list without violating netiquette by
>quoting private e-mail

Sorry about the goof. I thought I was on the list.

And Glenn further stated:

>You have a freudian slip above. It is the tree of

Your right, freudian or not I named the wrong tree. In Genesis 2:9 both the tree
of life and the tree of knowledge are named. I took the name from verse 22 at
the end of the story. Sorry.