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John W. Burgeson (
08 Apr 96 20:25:55 EDT

Fred wrote (to Glenn):

"Note to Glenn, (for all to read!)

I love you in the Lord and sympathise with what you are saying. But
you are hammering every other position but your own and not very many
people yet believe your postion. "

FWIW, I've been around this reflector awhile; I have Glenn's book.
I don't perceive him "hammering every other position," but, rather, asking
the kind of critical questions that need be asked about ANY position. I see that
the chief strength of this reflector.

I seriously doubt that anything here has led / will lead anyone into atheism.
Or into Christianity, for that matter. What it does do (well, I think) is let a
of us expose ideas to one another & clarify our own thinking!

As far as "believing his position," I, for one, see it as at least a reasonable
possibility. "I don't really know" is still, however,
not intellectually shameful! < G >