Book Recommendation?

Allan Harvey (
Mon, 8 Apr 1996 13:22:23 -0600

I'm almost finished reading Ratzsch's "The Battle of Beginnings." In
general, I find it to be pretty good *in the areas it addresses*.

But that last clause is that catch, because by its nature Ratzsch's book
leaves out half the picture. It focuses on the *philosophical* and
*argumentative* deficiencies on both extremes in the debate. And that's
fine. But the picture is not complete without seeing the *scientific*
deficiencies on both extremes, and that is where I am looking for a book

Previously, if someone wanted a book addressing that aspect of things, I
would have wholeheartedly recommended "Science Held Hostage: What's Wrong
with Creation Science and Evolutionism" by van Till et al. (IV Press, 1986).
That little book gives a marvelous overview of the abuses of both extremes,
with some specific examples (I still shudder when I think about what the
YEC's did with "residence time") and an examination of the overall patterns
characterizing the bad science. It seems to me to complement Ratzsch's book
quite well. But it is my understanding that "Science Held Hostage" is now
out of print (an aside - if IV Press did that to "make room" for Ratzsch's
book it was an insipid move given the complementary nature of the two).

So my question is whether there is any book now in print that fills the
niche once occupied by "Science Held Hostage." In particular, I would like
something pretty much limited to pointing out the bad science on both
extremes without itself advocating a specific viewpoint and/or concordist
scheme with respect to Genesis (this criterion would, for example, rule out
Hugh Ross's "Creation and Time"). Any thoughts?

On a mostly unrelated note, somebody recommended to me another book by van
Till called "Portraits of Creation" (Eerdmans, 1990). But when I asked
about it Saturday at my local Logos Bookstore, they could not find any
mention of it among their suppliers. Does anybody know if it is also out of
print? Or is my local Logos (or its suppliers) just deficient?

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